Voluntary Safety Programme


During a regular quality control, a deviation was discovered which did not meet the high quality standards of the Kinderkraft brand, although it meets the requirements of ECE R44 / 04. A defective handle clamping component was discovered. It may affect the safety of the child during transport; however, only a fraction of the sold car seats from a limited production lot had this component. We have not received any information regarding accidents connected to this potentially defective component.

If you have a MINK car seat, follow the instructions below to find out if your car seat needs to be verified.

How to find the lot number

The lot number (B) is located on the label under the seat. The lot number starts with ‘KK2019’. The photograph below shows the location of the label and the lot number needed for verification.

Products subject to the verification programme bear the lot number (B) between:

KK20190314 – KK20190630
Fill in the below form:- https://safety.kinderkraft.com/?lang=en

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at safety@kinderkraft.com


Le Toy Van

Petilou Sensory Shapes
We are recalling one of the activity toys in the pictured set. Please check your batch code on the bottom of the pack or on the bottom of the base board.
If you purchased your set after December 2021 and it starts 4299 or 4302 please contact us on +44 (0) 20 8979 2036, speak with the retailer you purchased it from, or drop us an email at info@letoyvan.com for further information. If your set is not from this limited batch run, your Sensory Shapes are unaffected.

Red Kite

Push Me Dubl

We need to bring to your attention a potential safety issue with part of the chassis on the Push Me Dubl Stroller.
Following a routine batch test carried out by Which?, one clause of the required British Standard testing failed after a period of time on one unit. This is despite full testing and passed reports prior to supplying products to our customers.
Red Kite have immediately sought advice from our Trading Standards Authority within South Gloucestershire. We have jointly concluded that the risk of any accident is very low especially as this model has only been in use for a limited period of time. They have agreed there is no immediate requirement to consider any product recall and are working with us to find a solution to the issue.
We have already been in contact with the manufacturing factory and we are aiming to have replacement sections that will be further tested and sent to the UK. We will then be in contact with all customers to arrange a collection of stock and our experienced fitters will carry out an in house repair with a safe and complete replacement part. Your product will then be returned to you fully warrantied.

Red Kite regards all matters relating to product safety with complete importance and priority. All of our Red Kite products are rigorously tested to check for safety compliance, reliability and durability and all Red Kite products are fully tested to
the required standards as set out in the relevant British and European safety standards by fully accredited independent safety laboratories.
The Push Me Dubl Stroller has been fully tested and passed the appropriate test BS EN 1888 – 1: 2018 through an accredited test laboratory.
As soon as the replacement parts are available, we will contact you again to arrange the free of charge collection and replacement fitting.
We want to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or worry this may cause you and want to reassure you that Red Kite care about your baby’s safety and well-being at all times.
Should you wish to discuss this matter further please contact our service line:
David Barnes – Service Manager – d.barnes@redkitebaby.com

Le Toy Van