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Lascal M1 Baby Carrier

£65.00 (RRP £95.00)

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The Lascal M1 Carrier is the ultimate in baby carriers, offering supreme comfort and a great look which appeals to both Mum and Dad. Packed with innovation, and using the latest high tech fabrics, the M1 is available in sterling grey.

Key Features

Spinal Support

In line with Lascal's focus on safety, the unique built-in Spine Support maintains the correct shape of your baby's developing spine at all times. Equally important, Mum and Dad's spine is cared for by wide harness straps and a ventilated lumbar support. These ensure ideal weight distribution, relieving potential stress on the shoulders and back.

A Perfect Fit The M1 Carrier is the only baby carrier that has Width and Length Adjusters to give a perfect fit from newborn (3.5kg/8 lb), and adapting as the baby grows up to 14 kg/30 lb (patents applied for). The Adjustable Head Support cradles the baby's head when small, and can be folded down later on to allow an older baby to face forward (it then catches any dribbles, so of course it is removable and washable).

Cool Padded Comfort Any part of the M1 Carrier that could come into contact with your baby's skin, such as the leg and arm openings are padded and covered in the super-soft, hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial Bamboo fabric.

A newly developed, ventilated 3D mesh fabric (certified for use in baby articles) lines the pouch, harness and lumbar support so that the skin can breathe; keeping both the baby and wearer cool and comfortable.

Safety Built In Safety is a key feature with all Lascal products, and the M1 is no exception. For additional security, the buckles have been designed with a failsafe, keeping them locked in the eventuality that the buckle is accidentally dislodged when in use.

'Blue leg syndrome' is caused by the baby's weight being supported along the leg openings of a carrier. Lascal have worked hard to avoid 'Blue leg syndrome'.The spine support of the M1 is contained within an integral pouch support that bears the baby's weight. The padded fabric of the leg fabric therefore simply caresses the baby's legs, with no pinching.

Removable Top Covers

The super-soft Bamboo Top Cover cradles the baby's head and offers protection from sun and wind, and when the baby is facing away from the wearer of the M1, it acts as a dribble pad. Obviously, hygiene is important, so the top Cover is easily removed, and fully machine washable.

Easy On and Off Ergonomically designed buckles need only 1 hand to be attached or released, leaving the other hand free for your baby.

Simply put on the harness as if putting on a jacket (the first time, you will then need to adjust as necessary), load your baby into the pouch and clip the pouch onto the buckle. Off you go!

To unload, simply click the buckle with one hand, supporting baby with the other, and lift your baby out.

Fabulously Practical Fabric The fabrics used for the Lascal M1 Carrier are new, high tech ventilated fabrics chosen for maximum comfort and practicality.

  • Bamboo Where there may be skin contact with the M1. Bamboo is a natural and sustainable fabric that is astonishing in its range of extraordinary qualities.

    It is super soft and naturally antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic and antistatic, Bamboo fabric is used in all the areas that may come into contact with your baby's sensitive skin, such as legs and arm openings, and the Top Cover, and is the coloured fabric of the carrier.


  • Comfort is further aided as Bamboo stays 2-3 degrees Centigrade cooler in hot weather, or warmer in cold (similar to other natural fabrics such as Merino wool).


  • A soft, 3D mesh is used where the M1 is against your baby's body, to help keep your baby cool and comfortable. The same soft mesh fabric is used on the inside of the harness and lumbar support for maximum parental comfort.

    The 3D mesh fabric is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class1 for baby articles. For more information about Oeko-Tex, please visit: www.oeko-tex.com, but in summary means that the fabric is harmless to health.


How long will I be able to use my M1 carrier for?

The M1 carrier is suitable for the widest weight range of babies of all front carriers on the market, so you will be able to use your M1 for longer than any other. The M1 carrier can be used with a new born If they are heavier than 3.5kg (8lb), the upper age limit is around 6-9 months or 14kg (30lb).

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