Nursery Mattress Buying Guide


Mattress buying guide


With so many mattress options, it can be hard to know what will be right the right choice for you. This guide should help to clear up any confusion.

Mattress Size

In the UK, there are two common mattress sizes – cot size (120cm x 60cm) and cot bed size (140cm x 70cm). It is important that the mattress you select is the correct size for your cot/ cot bed and that it fits well with no gaps larger than 3cm present.

Mattress types

Foam Mattress

Foam mattress are usually water resistant and dent resistant providing the necessary support for your little one. This mattress is lightweight and breathable. Although they are typically at a lower price point, some manufacturers offer a hypoallergenic and anti-microbial cover for additional features.

Fibre Mattress

Fibre mattresses are usually at a similar price point to foam mattresses so what is the difference? FIbre matttresses use fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process and many are fully recyclable making them more environmentally friendly.

Sprung Mattress

Sprung mattresses feature an inner core of coiled springs usually referred to as “bonnel springs”. Therefore, these mattresses are heavier than foam or fibre mattresses. Sprung mattresses typically keep their shape for longer than foam or fibre mattresses which is a factor worth considering if you are thinking of using the mattress for more than one child. The spings also help to disperse heat across the mattress. 

Pocket Sprung Mattress

In a pocket sprung mattress, individual steel springs are sewn into small fabric pockets. This means that they can respond better to the shape of your little one’s body, as opposed to a sprung mattress where the spings are in an open structure. Pocket Sprung mattresses keep their shape better than sprung mattresses and because each spring works independently, they can prevent your baby from rolling to the side of the bed.

Natural Fibre Mattress

Natural fibre baby mattresses are the non-synthetic and usually chemical-free. Natural fibre baby mattresses can be made from materials such as coir, coconut fibre, and wool. Occasionally, natural fibre mattresses also have springs within them. Usually hypoallergenic, these mattresses are supposedly  good for circulation and moisture absorption, helping your child to stay cooler at night. They’re typically very durable and supportive.

DualTech/ Dual Core

DualTech or Dual Core Pocket Spring mattresses feature two different sides so that you can flip the mattress to suit your little ones needs from birth to toddlerhood. These are usually the most premium mattress and provide the best support and comfort. They feature good breathability and are designed to last a long time.