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In 1984, Phil Baechler wanted the opportunity to spend time with his then infant son without forsaking his favorite pastime, exploring the outdoors. He soon began bringing his son along with him in his baby carriage, but he quickly discovered that standard carriages were not made to endure the stress of long-distance usage over various surfaces. So, he designed a high performance stroller that could handle any terrain and Baby Jogger® was born.

Since then, in keeping with our heritage, Baby Jogger® has never stopped pushing to find more solutions that allow parents to experience life with baby by their side. From strollers that fold with one hand to strollers that adapt to your growing family – we’ve got you covered. Wherever you want to go, our strollers are designed to take you there. We pride ourselves in creating durable, high-quality products, built to withstand it all – just push a Baby Jogger® stroller and you’ll feel the difference.


Along for the Ride.

You’re you and always have been. You’ve got plans and starting a family doesn’t change anything.

You’re not just mom or dad, you’re a parent with purpose.

You want to continue to live life. To love what you do. To stay connected to those around you.

And to bring your child with you all the way, because what’s better than sharing

what you love, with who you love._

Whatever you do, however you do it, our gear is made to fit right in. Always up for anything and

down for whatever. Whether it’s on sidewalks or off-beaten paths, where you go, baby goes too.

And we’ll get you there in style.

Baby Jogger is for parents that do and who bring baby ALONG FOR THE RIDE.

Baby Jogger Frequently Asked Questions

The new Baby Jogger® Summit™ X3 is the ultimate all-terrain jogging pushchair, equipped with air-filled rubber tyres, all-wheel suspension and new fashions so you can get up, get out and get jogging.

You can easily turn your stroller into a travel system with one of our car seat adapters or our carrycot. Car seat adapters are available for our single  and double stroller and we range a compatible carrycot for all of our strollers except Summit X3. It is important to remember that newborns are more vulnerable to outside conditions and should be appropriately protected from the heat, cold and wind. If you do not wish to use a car seat adapter or a carrycot, all of our strollers (except for Summit X3) have an increased recline angle to a near flat position to accommodate newborns. That means you can safely lay a baby in the fully reclined seat of these strollers without the use of a car seat adaptor or bassinet. Also, please keep in mind that babies should have ample neck support when placed in the seat of a stroller – you can use a rolled up cloth diaper or any number of neck supports.

We recommend that you speak with your pediatrician before starting this activity. Every baby is different, but typically a doctor will recommend that a baby be 6 months old before you exercise on smooth pavement, and 12 months old before exercising on trails, grass, gravel or uneven terrain.

Safety comes first at The Baby Jogger Company. We rigorously test all Baby Jogger products to ensure that they meet and exceed all of the European and American test requirements that cover every aspect of product safety. Remember, we are the original Baby Jogger Company and that means we have over 25 years of experience caring for your precious cargo.

An EVA wheel is a lightweight molded plastic wheel that is ideal for pavement or smooth urban terrain. This wheel is available on our City Mini and City Versa, which helps to make these strollers lightweight, agile and compact when folded.

A Forever-Air tyre is a rubber tyre inflated with a lightweight foam instead of air. This ensures the tyre will not go flat with frequent use or rough terrain. The City Mini GT, City Elite and City Select both feature Forever-Air tyres.

A pneumatic tyre is an inflatable rubber tyre that provides a comfortable, smooth ride on many different terrains. The Summit X3 has pneumatic tyres, which add to their all-terrain capabilities.

We’ve devised the following guidelines so you can choose the right wheel size for your needs:

5.5″ – 8.5″ Wheels – Ideal for indoor strolls, walking on pavement or smooth urban terrain. These smaller lightweight wheels are perfect for city dwellers who need a compact stroller for every day use. Please view our Vue, City Mini, City Mini GT or City Versa strollers for this wheel size.

12″ Wheel – Perfect for walking on grass, trails, sidewalks or in stores. Wonderful for city life where smaller wheels offer a more compact, manoeuvrable stroller. You will fall in love with the 12″ stroller wheels if you have previously owned a conventional stroller. Please view our City Elite, City Select or Summit models for this wheel size.

16″ Wheel – Great for walking or exercising and is still very easy to store and transport. It’s large enough to handle snow and sand yet still small enough to fit into tight spaces. Please view our Summit X3 model for this wheel size.

Baby Jogger offers a convenient accessory called the Glider Board. The Glider Board attaches to the rear axle of our single or double strollers and provides an area for an older child to ride along. It is compatible with City mini 2, City mini GT2, City elite 2, City mini 2 Double and City mini GT2 double. Buggy Boards made by other manufacturers are not recommended for use with Baby Jogger strollers.