Baby and Child Product of the month – October

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Indie Twin Double Stroller Black
Indie Twin Double Stroller Black

Each month, we present an award to a product that meets our criteria listed below. We understand that choosing the right products for your little ones can be a daunting task, especially for new parents who are overwhelmed with so many options to choose from.

With over 25 years of experience in the Nursery Market, we hope that our awards help our customers to make informed decisions about the products they choose for their little ones.

We make our decision based on the following criteria:
Volume of sales for category
Customer feedback
Brand support
Reliability of the item
Value for money

This month, we have awarded the Bumbleride Indie Twin the Product of the Month.


Beginning at birth and through toddlerhood, its side-by-side seat design allows you to customize for your little passengers with quick access to each. Have twins? Add two car seats, two bassinets or simply convert seats to lie-flat mode with no attachments. Both seats offer independent reclining and can go nearly flat, making the stroller suitable for use from birth, even without a car seat or bassinet.

The four oversized 12-inch air-filled tires make pushing it feel as effortless as moving a cloud—impressive work, Bumbleride! This feature is a welcome relief for tired parents.

The combined weight capacity for both seats is 40kgs. To provide context, this weight limit is approximately 2.5kgs more per seat compared to the Mountain Buggy Duet.

To fold, you pull up on the triggers on either side of the stroller to release the lock while pushing the handlebar forward to initiate the smooth folding process. Once folded, the frame auto-locks securely and it will stand on its own. To unfold, you simply release the lock clip on the side, pull back on the handlebar and the frame snaps easily into an upright position.

Regarding seat fabrics, Bumbleride impresses with PVC- and phthalate-free materials. They also possess moisture-wicking properties and help regulate body temperature. Furthermore, the seat pads are removable and machine washable, aligning with Bumbleride’s commitment to eco-friendly materials.

Moreover, like all Bumbleride pushchairs, the fabric is made from 100% recycled PET (90 plastic water bottles per stroller). Also, 50% of plastic frame components sourced from recycled fishing nets
With a weight of 16kgs, it leans towards the heavier side for double pushchairs though it’s not entirely out of the ordinary for a double all-terrain model. If you’re conscious of stroller weight, particularly if you frequently need to lift it in and out of your car’s trunk, this is an aspect to bear in mind.

What do our customer’s love about Bumbleride Indie Twin?

Based on customer feedback, the most prominent features that have been highlighted are:
– Can fit 2 car seats
– The smoothest of rides (all-wheel suspension)
– Roomy seats
– Large basket
– Extendable hood canopy
– Fits through a standard doorway
– Eco-friendly credentials

Customer review:
With a toddler and a new baby on the way, we decided on the Indie Twin for our double stroller. We live in Scotland and spend lots of time outside and needed something that was durable, smooth, with plenty of storage space. We love our new stroller even more than we imagined! It’s perfect to lay flat all the way with the footwell up and my newborn is so happy and comfortable, he always falls asleep immediately! My 3 year old is mostly out of strollers now and we bought this for tough trails and zoos etc. but he always wants to ride in it, even just to the local park. The basket is super roomy for everything we need to bring with us, the push is like butter, and you can just feel how smooth the suspension is. We even use this stroller for just our newborn around the town (instead of our other singles) when my toddler doesn’t want to ride because it’s so comfortable for him and functional for us . We wholeheartedly recommend this double stroller to any families seeking the perfect solution!

Overall, this double pushchair excels in providing a comfortable nap space for babies and toddlers alike. The seats are very roomy and it is great to have the option of car seat, carrycot or seat unit to fit your needs. Consider this the Range Rover of double pushchairs – not it is not a compact option but it will allow you and your little ones to travel in style and ultimate comfort .